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All Maac's-affiliated drivers are duly registered with the transport authorities in their respective states and countries, and we maintain comprehensive records of this documentation. Additionally, in many cities, drivers undergo a national police check as part of the process to obtain an official Driver Authority. Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, all drivers within our network must be registered and possess valid insurance coverage.

As you would expect from a corporate focused transport provider, the vehicles in our fleet are primarily luxury sedans and people movers. Our sedans range from our Camry Hybrid, Tesla business sedan vehicles, through to top of the line Audi and Mercedes executive sedans. Our people movers range from Hyundai Imax vehicles through to Volkswagen Transporters and Mercedes Sprinter.

We can fit up to seven passengers in our larger transfer vehicles. We don't currently have stretch limousines on our fleet, but we are able to supply larger buses if required. Simply contact us for a quote and to determine availability.

While our goal is to maintain seamless service with our private drivers, unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays may necessitate the assignment of a substitute driver. If your designated driver is delayed due to a flight running late from a prior engagement, we may need to arrange for an alternative driver. Rest assured, we will communicate any changes promptly via email, and your substitute driver will notify you via SMS upon arrival. Your satisfaction and convenience remain our top priorities.